Straight Up Simple smoothie!

What’s up you strong, fit and sexy mofo’s!?

It has been a pretty busy and hectic couple of months for me, but i’m back!

Just wanted to share a quick and simple smoothie recipe that I usually have daily. Either upon waking up or post workout.

The Straight Up Simple smoothie: SUSS

  • 1 frozen banana (sliced before freezing makes for an eaier blend)
  • 1 cup spinach (or more if you wanna kick up the healthy greens) *trust me, you don’t taste it* 😉
  • 1 cup almond or soymilk, whatever your preference
  • 1Tbsp of peanut butter
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I like Vega, but there are many other good ones too).
  • Dash of cinnamon

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until creamy. If you prefer it runnier, add more liquid. The thicker the better though as ‘chewing’ your shake will aid in digestion and nutrient uptake.


Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to share any of your ‘go to’ smoothies.

Straight up always,

Matt B

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The movie star workout!

I always wanted to train a movie star! I mean who doesn’t?! But…little did I know it would start with my brother! When he got news of his role in the new sci-fi film Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster, he was pumped up! As was I! My bro was gonna be on the big screen, his feature film debut along side one of my favorite actors, Matt Damon! That was a great day…one I will always remember! 🙂

Things became even more exciting for me, when my brother Josh told me that the very talented director, Neill Blomkamp (District 9), wanted him to put on at least 15 pounds of lean muscle for his role in the film….and in 3 months! My bro asked for my help and I took on the challenge to make things happen and get him in fight mode ready to kick Damon’s a$$!

How you like them apples?! 😉 (couldn’t resist).

Fight Mode!

Fight Mode!

The following is a post by my brother submitted on outlining in full detail how the whole training and dieting went down. If you’re looking to put on some serious muscle, have a read!

Click on the link and check it out:  The Elysium Workout!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

And to find out who wins their epic battle, you’ll just have to go watch  Elysium. It’s a blast! 😉

Straight up proud of my bro,

Matt B

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A quick and simple Top 10 list to better strength and health!

Just like Letterman has his top 10, I figured I wanted to have my own!

This is by no means the ultimate list, but it includes some solid tips that can help you make better and more sustainable gains. There are many overlooked tips which we all know about yet just don’t follow through on or simply forget about.

As the very wise Yoda said: “Do or do not, there is not try”.  Good ol’ Yoda….dude knew his sh@t!

So, with out further ado, here is the quick and simple top 10 list to better strength and health:

1.Drink more water. 2 litres per day for a good starting point, more if you are active and work out in the hot sun. Eight 250ml cups per day is 2L, pretty attainable. Even though coca-cola has water listed in the ingredients….this should be a no brainer! 😉

2. Squat. Straight forward….KING of all exercises.

3. Get adequate amounts of sleep. 7-9 hours each night. During sleep your body re-builds/grows/and recovers from the stresses of the day (workout, pollutants etc.).  Go to bed the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. A 15-20 minute power nap during the day can do wonders if you can fit it in.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The benefits and need should be obvious! Organic is best.

5. Get outside more, get some sun (vitamin D), sprint, and enjoy the outdoors.

6. Grip the bar/dumbbell TIGHTLY for each exercise…you’ll be surprised at the added strength/power/focus this gives you when training.

7. Deadlift…tied for KING of all exercises (see no. 2).

8. When eating carbs, be sure to eat ‘clean’ (eg. sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc).

9. Cut out processed foods: if it comes in a box, stay away (unless it’s a box of strawberries). 😉

10. Train (squat/deadlift especially) barefoot! Or at the least, buy a pair of chuck taylors or vibram 5 fingers. Cross-trainers, as comfortable as they may seem, are unnatural and you are more stable training barefoot. Just be smart when loading/unloading plates! 😉

So there you have it!  These are not the only tips to live by and I will be adding to it sporadically as there are many more to add, but these ten are a great starting point. No rocket science!

Start incorporating these tips by selecting one, or a couple, into your daily routine and you will be on the path to greater strength and health.

Hit me up with some of your own top tips in the comments section!

Straight up,

Matt B

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Re-read the subject heading and let it sink in: Fail to plan, plan to fail!

It’s been said a number of times and you have probably heard it before, but as simple as it sounds it should trigger some powerful thoughts and get you re-thinking many of your actions. Far too often (myself included) we all get amped up and pumped up about doing something or wanting to reach a certain goal but don’t implement a proper plan to help attain these goals. New years resolutions are a classic example and unfortunately probably the worst.

In an image conscious society many of us wish we could look a certain way. We all see muscular and shredded athletes and want to look the same ourselves. Likewise, for those health conscious individuals who know the benefits of training and want to get fitter and healthier as a result. Unfortunately for many that try, they will fail. Sound harsh? It’s meant to….if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.

fitandleanToo many people see pictures like these (left/right) and think that by simply going to the gym and doing some bench pressing, curls, and stair climber, they will magically transform themselves. Unfortunately this won’t be the case.

You have to have a plan.  A detailed and well thought out plan. Why are you going to the gym? Why are you doing the exercises you are doing? Why are you doing cardio? Why are you eating the way you’re eating? If you can’t answer these questions you won’t reach your goals and your enthusiasm for what you are doing will soon dwindle and disappear.

To be successful in your training (and in any area of life) you need to have a plan and know how that plan relates to your end goal.

So, for example, someone wants to build strength and put on size. GREAT! Don’t we all! 😉

However, that’s too vague! How much and what type of strength? Break it down into smaller segments and work from there. In other words, if you currently bench press 100lbs, you should want to increase that to say, 125lbs. How much do you squat (and please don’t say you don’t squat) and then decide a reasonable increase. If you select all the major lifts and increase the weight on them…you will get stronger, period!

Now, it doesn’t stop there. You can’t just say “ok, i’m squatting 200lbs and want to get stronger so, tomorrow i’m going to squat 250”. You need to plan how you will get there. What rep and set scheme will you have to follow. How much rest periods in between sets. How often should you train each week, etc. Likewise, you will also need to analyze your diet and plan a way to eat more (if gaining size is part of your goal) and in a healthy manner.

For some people this will take some research and investigation. Reading blogs (yes, this one is a great start ;)), books, and training magazines will certainly help. Of course one of the greatest ways for the majority of people (specifically those with limited training/exercise knowledge) will be in getting the guidance from a professional (personal trainer, strength coach etc). Strength coaches/personal trainers (like myself) will be able to help you devise an intricate plan that will answer all the questions above and get you on the right path towards your goal.

Plan to succeed, work hard, and you will!

As always, hit me up with any questions you may have.

Straight up planning to succeed and wanting you to as well,

Matt B

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Thanks for stopping by!

I look forward to sharing information with you on all aspects of what I call a “strong and fit” body and life.

There will be all kinds of posts on training, nutrition, music and miscellaneous advice and ramblings.

Keep checking back!

Stay Strong.


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