BA Honors Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Certified Personal Training Specialist (CanFit Pro)

Certified Underground Strength Coach

First aid/CPR.

I have a deep seated history of being involved in the fitness industry.  Growing up in South Africa, and later in Canada, I was involved in football, gymnastics and American football.  The love of weight training started in my mid-teens, as I was the typical skinny, hard gainer.  I needed more size to play sports more seriously.  Through trial and error, I put on 20 lbs in 5 months, and went from 3rd string on my football team, to a starter.

After high school, I wanted to expand my knowledge on exercise science, and thus I graduated with a BA Honors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.  To further my education, I studied and received both my Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist certification and Underground Strength Coach certification. In Toronto I worked for several years at a high-end, esteemed private club, before moving to Vancouver to become CEO and Head Trainer for Blacker Training Systems.  My areas of specialization include complete body transformations (both fat loss and muscle gain), bootcamp training, and specialized, sport-specific training.  I have trained everyone from the sedentary, to competitive athletes.

I am a brother, Son, Friend, Uncle and aspiring for bigger things.

My own personal goals and interests are to continue to develop my athleticism, size and strength using both old school, proven techniques, and new cutting edge developments in the health and fitness industry.

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