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Straight Up Simple smoothie!

What’s up you strong, fit and sexy mofo’s!? It has been a pretty busy and hectic couple of months for me, but i’m back! Just wanted to share a quick and simple smoothie recipe that I usually have daily. Either … Continue reading

The movie star workout!

I always wanted to train a movie star! I mean who doesn’t?! But…little did I know it would start with my brother! When he got news of his role in the new sci-fi film Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodi … Continue reading

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Re-read the subject heading and let it sink in: Fail to plan, plan to fail! It’s been said a number of times and you have probably heard it before, but as simple as it sounds it should trigger some powerful thoughts and get … Continue reading


Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to sharing information with you on all aspects of what I call a “strong and fit” body and life. There will be all kinds of posts on training, nutrition, music and miscellaneous advice … Continue reading