The movie star workout!

I always wanted to train a movie star! I mean who doesn’t?! But…little did I know it would start with my brother! When he got news of his role in the new sci-fi film Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodi Foster, he was pumped up! As was I! My bro was gonna be on the big screen, his feature film debut along side one of my favorite actors, Matt Damon! That was a great day…one I will always remember! 🙂

Things became even more exciting for me, when my brother Josh told me that the very talented director, Neill Blomkamp (District 9), wanted him to put on at least 15 pounds of lean muscle for his role in the film….and in 3 months! My bro asked for my help and I took on the challenge to make things happen and get him in fight mode ready to kick Damon’s a$$!

How you like them apples?! 😉 (couldn’t resist).

Fight Mode!

Fight Mode!

The following is a post by my brother submitted on outlining in full detail how the whole training and dieting went down. If you’re looking to put on some serious muscle, have a read!

Click on the link and check it out:  The Elysium Workout!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

And to find out who wins their epic battle, you’ll just have to go watch  Elysium. It’s a blast! 😉

Straight up proud of my bro,

Matt B

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4 Responses to The movie star workout!

  1. squatgirl says:

    Wow, respect. The fact that your brother is vegan (and I bet he wouldn’t use any supplements other than the protein shakes and pre-workout drink) make your success even more impressive. And I think it’s great how proud you are of each other. Your are both awesome.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey mate, for your brothers workouts did you continue the ancillary workouts after phase 1? Did you just do random sets, ect mixer it up

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      We divided his workouts into 3 phases. The first phase was strength based working with low rep ranges and compound/olympic lifts. The second phase focused more on hypertrophy with some similarities/exercises as phase 1 but with a more “bodybuilding” approach. The final phase was then a conditioning/fat loss phase to help him lean out while keeping most of the size we had gained.
      Hope this helps!

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